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I’m Tom Stobierski.
You’ve just come around here most probably because of the context that matches
some field of my activity as follows:

Game developement

As a team member of Five Studios Interactive I’m responsible for inventing solutions to render content both beauty and performance-wise.

Unity extensions

I’m a Unity asset developer since 2011. My solutions were used in many successful games & interactive productions.


Big part of my life I spent making music – mostly background. Currently dedicated to orchestral colors and sacral art.


UBER is critically acclaimed general purpose shader that brings visual excellence for a wide range of applications.

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Key Features:

  • Various Parallax techniques (full Z-Write!)
  • Tessellation variants
  • Refraction with chromatic aberration
  • Translucency (based on DICE’s model)
  • Dynamic weather (snow/rain)
  • Triplanar selective (fast approach)
  • Vertex blend painting (2 layers mode)
  • Well sorted out and clean interface
  • Fully configurable vertex color usage
  • And more…

Unity3d Terrains
Since 2012

Relief Terrain Pack is set of shaders and tools that can raise your outdoor environments to the top level of realism.

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Key Features:

  • AAA look of terrain at great framerates
  • 8 POM layers + self shadowing in 1 pass
  • Heightmap blending between detail maps
  • Tessellation (DX11, openGL4)
  • Dynamic snow & water
  • Triplanar with PM shading
  • Global color/normal maps
  • Terrain holes system
  • Caustics
  • And more…

Unity3d GRASS

Volume Grass is the extension to render billboard grass basing on its surface volume – no geometry overhead regardless of grass density.
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Complete system for building billboard grass volume.

Consists of grass mesh editor and a special shader that gives an illusion of grass being rendered “inside” the mesh volume.

Grass look is highly configurable, handles directional and spherical wind zones & proper intersections with other objects. You can make your own textures easily using built-in editor.


My Unity extensions live their life in a few prominent game titles as well as in many other interactive projects.

Contact me

For Asset Store related questions it’s best first to take a look at my support threads on my Unity forum (see above).

If you can’t get the answer there or want to discuss other topics – feel free to contact me directly.

+48 693-576-308